Blog Instructions

Welcome to the "Listen Up" Music Blog!  We're glad you're here!


Here are the step by step instructions on how to submit your information to the "Listen Up" Blog for review.

Note: bio's must be sent in English and your submissions must be complete.

Please write up in your own words at least a 300 word biography about yourself and what songs you would like to promote.

Select two or three photos that you would like to submit (nothing containing profanity), add any links that you would like to include to your blog to help us promote your sites/videos/and music.

Then send all of that information to

Once we receive the email, we will review it, copy and paste it, add our own comments and thoughts along with yours, and then post it for our viewers to read when we are ready.  Thank you!

Finally, we always make an exciting promo video (see sample video below) to draw people to your blog and get you more attention, so please send us an mp3 of the music you would like us to add to your promo video.  We use WeTransfer for larger files. Thank you!