"Abi Mia" is back with a Re-Mix!

First off, we just can't believe how Abi continues to make one hit after another. Every time we check on her, she has a new song that is better than the last. She is a music powerhouse factory that just keeps producing better music. Hit after hit, constantly improving her sound, style, and performance. Just like in her new Re-Mix of "Here to Stay" the master mixdown is incredibly top quality. We here at Moan Barrow Productions are big fans of Abi, both in the amazing quality of her music, but also the quality of human being she is! Do yourself a favor, and go listen to this new re-mix of "Here to Stay" on Spotify today: https://open.spotify.com/track/3FgWoCNHl5a6eoubfCN8gB?si=83485dbe272b4066

Abi Mia is rapidly emerging as a compassionate and exciting voice for a new generation. In her latest single ‘Here To Stay (Remix), she uses her gift of connecting emotionally with her audience through relatable, authentic emotions and memorable lyrics to share a powerful message of acceptance.

“We all have things happen to us in the past that we want to forget, but just when we think we have forgotten, it comes back into our minds when we least expect it and brings back those negative memories and feelings. The message of the song is that sometimes it is hard to truly move on from negative things from our past completely, they may always be at the back of our mind but we will try our best anyway!”- ABI MIA

This electro pop track, a combination of pop and EDM was recorded by Abi Mia in her home studio and produced/remixed and mastered by Noah Lloyd from The Online Recording Studio ‘Here To Stay (Remix)’ is a powerful, hypnotic track not to be missed! Stream and download Abi Mia’s new single, ‘Here To Stay (Remix)’, out on February 11th 2022.

London based singer-songwriter Abi Mia brings her uplifting, empowering pop sound to modern music. With soulful vocals and a gift for emotional storytelling Abi Mia brings her most authentic self to her music. Since releasing her debut single ‘Fly Your Way’, Abi Mia has had multiple releases and garnered glowing reviews and both national international radio coverage. The sky is the limit for the breakthrough pop artist.

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