August 2021 Artist Spotlight: Michele Anelli

Moan Barrow Productions is proud to share the incredible story of Michele Anelli. What an amazing road he has traveled and his future is really going to be spectacular! Italy is lucky to have him. #helpingartistseverywhere

In the eighties, after the experience with the fanzine Fandango and local radios, Michele Anelli forms a garage-punk band, The Stolen Cars, with which he will publish a 45 rpm, a CD (during the reunion which took place between 2003 and 2009) and some live tapes that enjoy, even today, a certain prestige.

In 1989 he began his personal career as an author of lyrics in English, music and bandleader of The Groovers, with whom he plays throughout Italy publishing, over twenty years, seven albums, a 45 rpm and an unknown number of cassettes and compilations.

Shortly after 2001, Michele began working on musical projects parallel to the group's activities, including the publication of an album for the magazine L'Ernesto in which appear, for the first time, five original songs in Italian.

In the spring of 2007, he published for Selene Editions the book "Siamo i Ribelli - storie e canti della Resistenza italiana" (We are the Rebels - stories and songs of the Italian Resistance) with a CD of revisited resistance songs, followed, in 2013, by the volume entitled "Radio Libertà - dalle radio della Resistenza alla resistenza delle radio" (Vololibero editore). Both books have been, from 2007 to 2017, an integral part of live shows centered on the issues addressed in the two publications.

In terms of musical production, his work continues on multiple paths, between composition and production of Italian songwriters and bands.

In 2013 he publishes the self-titled album with the Pavia-based band Chemako (USR Records), which is followed in 2014 by the album "Giorni Usati" for Adesiva discografica. In the fall of 2017 is published the book of fiction "La scelta di Bianca", to which is connected the show that traces the content. The book contains eight female stories, accompanied by a CD with as many published and unpublished songs arranged by the guitars and electronic contribution of Elia Anelli.

In 2018 comes out the new album, produced by Paolo Iafelice for Adesiva discografica, with Andrea Lentullo (Wurlitzer), Elia Anelli (electric guitar) and Nik Taccori (drums), distributed by Self, with the support of the press office Parole e Dintorni. In 2020 comes out the book written with the journalist and writer Gianni Lucini "Ho sparato al domani" for Segni e Parole publisher. The book contains seven "musical" tales in which past, present and future often change clothes going on stage in different eras and with characters to be discovered. During 2021 will be published, for Delta Promotion, the new album "Sotto il cielo di Memphis" (Under the sky of Memphis), played live in studio with Goosebumps bros., Cesare Nolli (guitar), Paolo Legramandi (bass) and Nik Taccori (drums) and, later, with interventions of Andrea Lentullo on keyboards and Elia Anelli on electric guitar. The album will be published in Lp format, mixed by Taketo Gohara and mastered by Giovanni Versari, and cd (with some outtakes) to which is added the 45 rpm with Ballata arida and Escluso il cielo recorded by John Gifford III, at FAME recording studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with Bob Wray on bass and Justin Holder on drums, tracks mixed by John Gifford III.

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