August Bonus Feature: Kristi Enigl

Updated: Sep 12

KRISTI ENIGL produces, curates and hosts radio show “Sonic Signals” on Internet Station Pluto Radio. EVERY WEDNESDAY 11a 5p + 8p PDT #helpingartistseverywhere

Moan Barrow Productions is extremely proud to promote an incredible professional who gives back to the Rock community by selflessly promoting unsigned bands and promoting them on her amazing Internet Music Station. As artists we all need to support each other, and Kristi does just that. Read on to find out more about this broadcaster with a ton of talent herself.

Music lover and aspiring guitar player, Kristi Enigl blasts thru the universe with her hard rock show Sonic Signals. Spinning the best in hard rock, doom and stonerrock, new wave of classic rock, prog and blues rock, it’s said you can actually hear it on Pluto! Playing mostly unsigned bands and artists, Kristi connects with creators all over the world and has a Featured Artist on every show. If you like to rock out to guitar driven, blues based rock, then this is the show for you!

Having spent over 20 years in the music business as an on-air broadcaster with stations in New Mexico and Southern California (incl KROQ as Dr Krissi on the original Loveline), she is back twice a month with an hour-long show featuring new music and exclusive premieres, she plays the best in new modern rock from around the globe. EVERY WEDNESDAY 11a 5p + 8p PDT (Replay every other Wednesday)

Go check Kristi Enigl out this week!!! and be sure to follow he on twitter at

@Kristi.Enigl and also on instagram @krisieng

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