"Broadtree", their music and their new album is a breathe of fresh air.

We are so very excited to land this country pop duo from Canada. Everything we have heard form Broadtree is just good music. In todays world so many artists cross over from country to pop and visa versa, that you never really know quite how to label it. We find ourselves in the same boat, so we are just going to call them good, upbeat, positive, fun, and really entertaining music.

Despite having lost family members, their livelihoods on stage, and pieces of

themselves to the COVID pandemic, the country duo made a decision to avoid

addressing the epidemic in their previous releases. All with the exception of one

song written for the time we now find ourselves in.

“COVID often felt like an abusive relationship. Just when things seemed to be

getting better, it would get much worse. No matter what you did or tried, there

never seemed to be a way to escape. We felt trapped,” said Armand Antony.

“We didn’t want to write a song that screamed ‘this is a song about the

pandemic’. So instead we personified COVID as the one inflicting that sort of

pain before we’re finally free as the story of the song is told.”

“It was surprising how well the personification of the virus managed to reflect any kind of person or event or situation keeping you down in life, whether in small ways, or in the biggest, scariest ways imaginable,” said Nicole McCafferty.

“The song is meant to be an explosion of joy - the thrill of new beginnings coming from a place where you worried you may never be free. We really wanted the focus to be on the escape and reclaiming a part of yourself you were afraid of losing forever.”

This upbeat track focuses on the hope and excitement of looking ahead, beyond the pandemic that has drained so much, not just from both performers, but from all of us. It is the perfect song to wrap up the summer and kick off a return to a life we used to know.

Broadtree is a Canadian pop-country duo consisting of Armand Antony & Nicole

McCafferty. Having lost their creative stage work as actors to the COVID pandemic,

the pair found comfort in developing a new songwriting partnership. They have

created a unique blend of stylized storytelling over a bed of catchy pop country ready

to blast in the summer sun. McCafferty and Antony have taken up several causes as

their platform develops, speaking out about racial equality, First Nations rights in

Canada, support for the LGBTQ+ community, and keeping an open line of contact for

anyone looking to learn or talk about mental health and illness.

You can find all of their multiple Links right here: https://linktr.ee/broadtree

Please go out and support this amazing duo today!