CARLA LINA is a straight up pop star!

We originally found out about Carla when we added her first single "Life is like a movie" to our Spotify playlist "The Barrow" where currently she is crushing it week after week against some very stiff competition. The moment we listened to her first release we were instant fans. You can tell that Carla takes this music gig very seriously. Her music glows of perfection and excellent dynamic changes throughout every song. We're excited to announce she will be a part of the May issue of "IN TUNE" and we would love to have her on our "ONE on ONE" with Moan Barrow show this summer. The future is more than bright for Carla Lina, and with every release she continues to flourish and fine tune her craft. We are very lucky to have her on the "Listen Up" music blog and we strongly suggest heading to her Spotify page and catching her first two songs "Life is like a movie" and "Higher". You can find them both right here:

NEWS FLASH! "NOT YOU" by CARLA LINA is set to drop April 29th 2022, and wow are we excited to hear it!

With her song she makes a statement: "I'm not you" - and that's a good thing! With her freckles CARLA LINA radiates a gentle and natural way. Her voice on the other hand surprises with a deep, powerful and unmistakable timbre. She writes, composes and produces all her songs herself! Her international self-made pop with refreshing electro-pop sounds immediately catches the ear. Her first single "Life Is Like A Movie" - "a modern pop-electro song with a special message, carried by her strong voice," [Augsburg Journal] - managed over 100,000 streams on Spotify and over 80,000 streams on YouTube. Frontstage Magazine was thus able to make a name for itself with their statement, "She refreshes with an exciting banger with an international vibe that will resonate for many nights to come!" proved right. CARLA LINA's second single, "Higher," matches that progression and is already at over 50,000 streams on Spotify. Bayern 3, Radio Fantasy, Radio Primaton, Radio Schwaben, Bayernwelle and other radio stations have already interviewed her and played her songs.

Her catchy songs are also well received by online and print media: "Carla Lina is a multilayered and unique musician, with whom the proverb "a self-made woman" is absolutely true. "Her relentless drive and focus has made her an unstoppable musician on the independent scene."

Popticker: "What is remarkable is Carla's voice. Whether you call it a character voice or otherwise, the voice color goes into the head and stays there. Deep and catchy, you just want to hear more of it. I hope that we will hear and see much more of this fantastic artist in the future." "As a producer, Carla Lina knows the effective dramaturgy of pop euphoria, and as a singer with deep soul timbre, she can also screw into heights without any approach. Lina knows her craft."

Her third song "Not You" is set to top previous successes. "Not You" is a moving pop song with an absolutely catchy character; a casual radio hit that nevertheless takes up a deep topic. CARLA LINA describes the feeling of having to bend for others, but then making the decision to break away from it.

The song could indeed not be more autobiographical and yet most can identify with the message. "I was tired of feeling like I had to conform to my boyfriend at the time in order to please him," she says. That's where the first verse came from. The second stanza followed from the feeling of being torn between my socially accepted business studies and my heart's desire to make music," says CARLA LINA.

"Not You" is out on 4/29/22 on all platforms and for sure on the radio!

We here at Moan Barrow Productions are true fans of Carla Lina and if you would like to learn more about this simply amazing talent, please check out all of her social links right here:


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