"Chaos Rising" Has risen to a whole other concept in music!

With the guitar crunch of God Smack and Seether and bass and drums diving the rock wagon at warp speed this new release named "Prisoner" lacks literally nothing.

Be sure to check it out today here:


Many musicians, have struggled to find ways to share their music with the world. Often bands are forced to collaborate from home and send tracks back and forth working on projects together and blending their DAW's.

At Moan Barrow Productions we are always working with other artists to share resources and talent to produce better end results and shared projects.

However, "Chaos Rising" has taken this concept to a whole other level. Not only two groups collaborating, but and entire fleet of musical talent all sharing ideas, styles and genres of Rock and Metal. Then, these artists spoon feeds musical works of art to the world in monthly increments.

Chaos Rising is a unique international all-female metal project. Founded by French multi-instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf (Unsafe, Syrinx), the project brings together female musicians from across the globe, and has attracted some of the biggest names in metal.

The ambitious vision is to release a new song and video every month, in different metal subgenres, which means that Chaos Rising teams are constantly composing, recording and mixing. The project is going from strength to strength, with 18 releases so far.

Chaos Rising is blazing a trail, and not only by providing opportunities for women and gender minorities to become involved in all aspects of metal music. These girls are innovating fast, exemplifying how musicians are networking to adapt and create amidst current challenges.

We simply must go out and support these amazing women of Rock as they adapt to todays challenging Covid Times often stranded at home un able to gig and find unique ways to work together and persevere by sharing their combined talents and amazing music with the world.

PLEASE go and listen to them all today. You can find many of their links right here:

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