"Cobra Cobra" Venomous Rock!

These guys are right up our alley at Moan Barrow Productions. We just listened to "Free in my Head" and were blown away. We were all so pleasantly surprised that we labeled the song in our play list as "kick ass tune". Check it out here:


I guess out of all of us here at Moan Barrow, I'm the 90's Rock guru, and I was an instant fan of Cobra Cobra even though they really have a unique sound that separates them from the Sound Gardens and Everclear Gods, I love their mix and appreciate their talent. I threw them in with my tracks of the Meat Puppets and Collective Soul just so I could hear them again if I ever make it back to the gym. Go out and support these artists today!

Cobra Cobra’s origin began as far back as 2008 when brothers Derek (guitar), and Chancelor Reeder (drums), were partners in operating their own studio titled "Slinky Strings", providing both guitar and bass lessons. Part of their vision was to provide lessons by day and hopefully rent out space to local Portland bands for rehearsal at night. One of the bands that rented their space during that time was the Facedown Recording artist Fallstar featuring vocalist Chris Ratzlaff. In time, this crossing of paths would prove to be epic for Derek and Chancelor.

With Derek and Chancelor both providing guitar and bass lessons, Slinky Strings began to get it's legs. They formed their lessons curriculum from influences found at the high-level institutions such as GIT and Musician’s Institute. They found that guitar heroes across the classic spectrum such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen along with bands like Led Zeppelin, Cream, Van Halen, Ozzy, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera and Judas Priest for example, provided the perfect backdrop for the many aspiring musicians.

Derek and Chancelor had been writing their own brand of hard rock where powerful guitar riffs and hooks, and big sounding drums were the focus. By then Chancelor had moved to the drum kit. In the beginning it was mostly all instrumental songs featuring a lot of tasty power chord riffs, blazing guitar solos and big powerful drums. Eventually they began to refine their sound. They knew the next step in their evolution was to write songs that would now include plenty of room for lyrics and suggest melodic ideas for the ideal rock/metal vocalist to have a perfect pallet from which to create.

After a couple years of honing the instrumental side of the material, they finally had 12 songs for a debut album and had saved up enough money to record. On October 6,2017 they entered Tone Lab Studios in Portland and started recording the drums for their debut album at the rate of 4 songs a day. Derek and Justin, employing serious teamwork , helped craft the ideal drum beats and intro/outro arrangements while cherry picking Chancelor's best drum fills. Due to it's very busy schedule, Tone Lab studio's next opening would not be until January 10th, 2018, and finally June 1st, 2018 for their final session. At long last the instrumentals were completed.

Growing up watching his dad play guitar and perform live, Derek was inspired to follow in his footsteps and strapped on the guitar at age 4. Always listening and learning from a wide range of rock, blues and metal styles Derek began to form his own identity. From Christian rock to Death Metal, and all stops in between, Derek guided his students in the direction of the best heavy music of the 80’s/90’s. Guitar was one thing, but singing was another. He often expressed his disappointment in the modern extreme vocalists, the deal breaker being - "a clean vocalist in the band has to be the minimum requirement"...after all, we're all about music right? Fast forward...

Derek and Chancelor had done the work, they 'had the music', but just couldn't seem to find the singer/lyricist that could bring it all together...then the stars aligned, and the previous crossing of paths with Chris appeared to be for a reason. To their delight Chris Ratzlaff agreed to join in. Over the course of the next year Chris got to work writing and finalizing lyrics and melodies, and painstakingly dialing in the vocals the songs needed. His contribution was the final ingredient needed to create their signature sound.

Also, just as important to note, previous to this time Derek had been teaching his best student Bryce VanHoosen (bass), who had originally started out on bass but was now up to speed and could tackle any riff or ideas presented to him. For their new project they knew this was their guy for laying down the perfect bass parts and rounding out the band line up.

Early in 2019 they began the process of finding the right mix engineer for the album. With most of the local guy's rates going up, they decided to reach out to a Facebook group of mixers who were offering to do free mixing samples, and you could choose which one you liked best. Out of the 20-plus mixes they got back, Chris Johanson of Sonar Recordings was clearly the guy. Chris J also took his time compared to the typically quick turnarounds. In a couple of months Chris J turned in an amazing sounding mix with all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

The next couple months were spent shopping for labels, during which they received responses from Rockshots and Demon Doll Records, but none of the offers presented to them were tempting enough, in terms of a deal, that met the terms they were looking for. So it was decided, for this album, they would release it themselves and get the ball rolling at last.

To date it has been mostly the loyal students, friends and fans that have helped provide support through sales of the first run of the CD. In short order they were able to set up the release of their debut album “Life After Poison“ , which was released on all digital platforms on 7/24/20.

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Don't forget to check out "Free in my Head"