For Cyrax it all starts in 2013, when the singer Marco Cantoni decides to record a metal album and begins to select musicians. He thus meets the guitarists / composers Antonio Rubuano and Paolo Musazzi, with whom he begins to make the first sketches of the music. The songs, made from Marco's old compositions, are rewritten, taking on more and more 'progressive' and experimental features. At the beginning of 2013 bassist Cesare Ferrari and drummer Paolo Biocchi joined the band, thus completing the line-up.

At Moan Barrow Productions we really love the song "The Moor of Venice" found on Spotify here: It's musical ride that left us wanting to get back in line for another.

Great progressive metal band in everyway!

The recordings take place at the RecLab Studios, in March 2013. In the summer of 2014, Lorenzo Beltrami takes over the drums and the second album "Pictures" is recorded also at the Rec Lab Studios, which manages to win an even wider consensus than the its predecessor. In the following months there are numerous line up changes, and in late 2017 Cyrax take on a stable line-up with the arrival of guitarists Gianluca Fraschini and Martin Chionna, who contribute significantly to the composition of the third album. "Experience" is then recorded at Rabbit Productions Studios by Robin Marchetti while the master by Alessandro Del Vecchio, and it’s published in December 2020 under Wormholedeath records. During the recordings a young pianist, Jacopo Bonora, joins the band and a few months later he also participates in the recordings of the new 5-piece EP.

In this new EP "Metamorphosis" the band has chosen to revisit some of the old compositions by completely changing them, directing the project towards a combination of acoustic, industrial, ethnic and orchestral music. It is therefore not a common acoustic EP but something completely new and experimental, the songs follow each other in a whirlwind of soundscapes and represent that constantly evolving style that distinguishes Cyrax.

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