Deadly Duo "Slow Coda"

Ok, I know every month we are excited about the new bands that join our "Listen Up" family, However, from the moment we listened to "Slow Coda" we were instant fans. This is great music and its fun music. Ever have that one album where you like every song on it? Yea, this is that album. Moan Barrow Productions is proud to share the story of this dynamic duo.

Slow Coda is a Los Angeles-based alternative rock duo with a jangle pop / grunge sound and they just released their debut album. They sound similar to bands such as Catherine Wheel, Ride, and The Feelies. Their new album has been released on both vinyl and cassette! #helpingartistseverywhere

YouTube link to their video for “Gap Year”:

Slow Coda is an alternative rock duo based out of Los Angeles consisting of Tavis Balkin and Nicholas Morford. Formed in 2012, after meeting in Chicago and relocating to California, the duo set out to combine the heaviness of shoegaze and grunge with the lightness of jangle pop, dreampop, and new wave. The band released two EPs, Night Window EP (2013) and You Again EP (2015) and during this time, would regularly play shows around Los Angeles. The live lineup changed a couple of times, but the principal songwriting/performing partnership of Tavis and Nicholas remained.

After a long hiatus, Slow Coda is back with their debut album, released on 8/13. Recorded both at home and at Gold Diggers Studio in Hollywood, the band set out to make an escapist rock record that harks back to the decade of their childhood. Written and recorded over the course of a few years, the long-overdue self-titled debut album by Slow Coda is a retreat back to a world of guitars, grunge, and gas station burritos. It features eleven summery, wistful odes to being a teenager, wasting time with friends, and life at the end of the 20th century.

I really hope my readers go and watch these guys. This is the kind of group we want to support and see them do well!

YouTube link to their video for “Gap Year”: Same as the top post (wanted to make sure you clicked on it)

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