"DISCORDANCE" is dropping the hammer on METAL!

At Moan Barrow Productions, we are seeing a massive upturn in all forms of Metal Music. Not that it ever left, but the resurgence is astounding at the moment and DISCORDANCE is ahead of the pack in so many ways. We just listened to a Thundering Metal Track called "Foolishness" from the Vertex album that can be found on Spotify right here: https://open.spotify.com/track/6srhhR784rlpp7OPZfzY3l?si=9206241160114c47

All you Metal Fans need to ad this to your playists. Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar...All Fantastic.

Discordance was born in 2008 in Ferrara (IT), starting to play brutal death metal with some grindcore influences. In 2009 the band recorded a 5-songs EP named "Unborn Disease", a release somewhat close to Suffocation and Cephalic Carnage music.

After a rest period and massive line-up changes, the band’s music moved towards influences including Origin, Ulcerate, Gorod and non-metal music. In 2017, all these influences summed up in the release “In The Shadow Of Leaves”, the first full length album via Earthquake Terror Noise. The second album “Vertex” was recorded during 2020 at Art Distillery Studios, Modena (IT) by Claudio Mulas

Please go check out their amazing new album VERTEX and all of the rest of their music on Spotify right here: