Guise... 3 Piece Flashback Fun!

Updated: Sep 29

Moan Barrow Productions is happy to share the story of "Guise" with Frontwoman Louie James who brings some dazzling vocals reminiscent of Blondie and Madonna but with a little more edge and clearly in her own lane. Michael and Jassy sound like they could step into Loverboy or Duran Duran at a moments notice, and they really blend well with Louie on Vocals.

Their latest video "By your side" is a fun flashback for fans of the eighties complete with red leather trench coats, smoke machines and motorcycles , We love seeing this style in the forefront of the music scene again. Be sure to go watch their video here:

Originating from Liverpool, Guise is a three piece band presenting some of the city's finest offers in musicianship. Guise is a melodically driven rock band with plenty of pop-factor featuring massive hooks in choruses. Combining the sounds from the raw riffs of the 70's to the melodically laced overtones of the 80's, topped off with a striking, yet glamorous image.

Jassy xX.G.Xx - Lead Guitar

Michael Berry - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Guise has a new song called 'Do It Again' coming out October 8th, and they have a pre save link all ready to go here: so be sure to comeback in October to check it out. I promise to try and remember to share it with everyone as well.


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