"GUISE" want's you to "Push it Tonight"

Liverpool based up & coming rock band GUISE set to release their fourth single "Push It Tonight". This will also include a release of a new music video to add to the artist’s visionary series, this being their third instalment. The music video is set to be released via YouTube February 11th and will be available on all online music platforms for download and stream February 18th.

You can watch the exciting new video on YouTube right here:


The song itself ‘Push It Tonight’ was instrumentally & melodically crafted collaboratively throughout the band & is a high energy, riff heavy & hook filled anthem! Lyrically the song was written by GUISE guitarist Jassy xX.G.Xx, the lyrics express one’s patience slowly wearing thin & a warning of stopping before getting pushed too far!

Here's a sample of the lyrics:

‘I gotta gotta tell you, I gotta gotta tell you

You drive me so wild, I'm gonna go insane

Your gonna gonna push it, your gonna gonna push it tonight

So you, better better watch it, better better watch it

Put your foot on the brake before it gets too late

Your gonna gonna push it, your gonna gonna push it tonight’

In addition to this, GUISE have several other singles and music videos planned for release throughout the year, this will include the songs ‘The Other Side’ & ‘Identity Crisis'. GUISE have also been working hard behind the scenes collaboratively with artist "Moan Barrow" which has resulted in a great new single entitled "How Does It Feel?" set for release in the coming weeks!

The music video was filmed and edited by the Liverpool based videography company "Red Visuals". The band logo was also created and designed by Liverpool based tattoo artist Reb McComb. The single was self-produced in their own home recording studio set-up.

The band Consists of

Jassy xX.G.Xx - Lead Guitar

Louie James on Lead Vocals

Michael Berry - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

A little background on the band...

Originating from Liverpool, Guise is a three piece band presenting some of the city's finest offers in musicianship. Guise is a melodically driven rock band with plenty of "pop-factor", featuring massive hooks in choruses. Combining the sounds from the raw riffs of the 70's, to the melodically laced overtones of the 80's, topped off with a striking, yet glamorous image.

To find out more about this amazing band, you can check them out at the following locations:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guiseofficialmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/guiseofficialmusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/62JbHjsSkmwGU6O3hyeDXf?si=iOgCrvz3SVmIDdyAH7Iihw

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