It's not Marshmello... It's "Tonix"

No matter if you're a fan of EDM or Synth Pop Music or not, it's an undeniable fact that it is very current and popular. If you Google "Marshmellos" latest video, you find it has over 21 million views and climbing. That being said, for artists tying to find their lane and separate themselves from the pack "Tonix" has done something pretty darn unique already with their new debut single "Pegs" I found elements of "Men at Work" minus the vocals, Peter Schilling, and a wild mix of saxophone and Synth Pop. It's really a positive step in the right direction and I could easily see this song in a movie, a video game, or in a collaboration of some type. It's a product of great mixing and talent, and I think we will be seeing much more from this emerging duo soon. I personally will be keeping an eye on them and looking forward to their new material. We hope they keep us in the loop of upcoming projects as well.

Please check the new release of "Pegs" on Spotify here:

And check it out on YouTube Here:

Having started in only January of 2021, Tonix has worked hard to cultivate a unique sound, inspired by the techno synth and saxophone compositions of The Comet is Coming and nostalgic leads of M83. Underpinned by hand-mastered synthesizer sounds, with drum samples created to mirror traditional techno, trance, and hip-hop beats, Tonix differ themselves in their heavy use of improvisation from Archie on saxophone and Henry playing synthesizer. With extensive practice in jazz improvisation, Archie plays saxophone with a bright, forceful tone. Henry, as the mastermind of the production, has absorbed EDM from around the world, composing basslines, chordal progressions, and mixing songs using his knowledge of the latest audio technology. As best friends in all areas of life, the pair share a bond that differentiates them from many other electronic bands and are almost always thinking or talking about Tonix ambitions.

PEGS is the first official Tonix release, beginning their journey towards a shared ultimate dream to play at Glastonbury in the UK. PEGS was born first on a video call whereby Henry (15) debuted his shattering chord progression, sending Archie (16) into hysterics. Soon after, the synth melody was born which would be doubled by saxophone. Through hours of production work spent enhancing kick drum sounds, creating a retro synth-wave inspired drop, and recording smooth yet jagged saxophone improvisation, PEGS took

motion. Only days before the song was uploaded, the recurring motif of space and outer-worldly sound was introduced through sampled vocals from Andrew Brill Reed, matching the artwork for the single. After two sessions spent workshopping the piece with Adelaide star-producer Mario Spate, the official PEGS audio has been completed. It is an exciting piece that brings spotlight to leading instrumental tones which serve to make people dance. It is an Adelaide take on the exciting heat coming out of London’s experimental jazz, techno, and rave scene. The song's creative selling point is the emphasis on the arpeggiator which inspired the name "PEGS," and the use of the saxophone as the dominant melody force.