It's time.. 2DrinkTheFish !

I'm sitting in the studio so grateful that I just got an early listen to this bad ass rocking tune by 2DrinkTheFish called "Show Me". I had to crank it up on the second go around because it was like being at a George Thorogood concert with a little bit of ZZ Tops earlier music mixed in. If you like authentic Blues Rock, you're going to love this song and you absolutely have to go give it a listen right here on Spotify:

2DrinkTheFish is a newly formed Canadian Indie Rock band. The band consists of two members Michael Boire and Leigh Fishleigh. Michael and Leigh met 12 years ago when working in the same courtroom. They had begun talking about their love for music and bonded over liking the same bands. Boire had mentioned he had instruments at his house and invited Fishleigh to play together. Thus, 2DrinkTheFish was born.

The name 2DrinkTheFish was comprised of both names of the members. Boire in French means “to drink” and Fish; for Fishleigh, there being two members is where the “2” comes to play. Over the last two years Boire and Fishleigh have been writing music, in those two years they created their first debut album. Only recently have they recorded and produced with Michael Hanson. Their first single “Show Me” is to be released on April 8th, 2022 on all streaming platforms. “Show Me” is a song featured on the album that is to be released some time soon. Show me is about asking the big questions, “why are we here?” Feeling down and out of it, looking for answers from spirituality and guidance through higher powers.

These guys are hitting the ground running with "Show Me" and I am excited to announce that they will be our guest on the "ONE on ONE" with Moan Barrow Show on May 14 2022, so make sure you tune in for what will surely be a fun interview with some true Rockers!

We here at Moan Barrow Productions can't wait to hear what they do next, and we hope you go out and support this talented duo as they light up the Rock World with their amazingly right on time sound! Check them out on all their socials right here!




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