Joe Wilkinson's music can turn "Water to Wine"

I first heard of Joe when I stumbled across this really wonderful duet he did with Kinga Angelys (everyone's favorite female artist). They did and amazing rendition of "Baby it's Cold Outside". I remember, because I literally reached out to Kinga and said "Who is this guy"? It was fantastic, in fact from that moment on, I started keeping an eye out for any posts that Joe did. There is no question he is a true artist that strives for perfection in his music. His resume is growing, and his fans are too. Personally, I think the constant gigging and playing live has made him stronger in everyway. When a musician has to come out from behind their DAW and stand in front of a live audience, that's what separates the good from the great, and believe me when I tell you, Joe Wilkinson is great, and we see no signs of him slowing down on improving his craft. Not to give too much away from his new song, but to steal a line from "Water to Wine" Joe writes: "Good things don't come easy, great things harder still", and that's what we can take away from his music and his performances. Joe Wilkinson has put in the work, and it shows. Fortunately here at Moan Barrow Productions, we get to take sneak peaks of songs and videos before they are released to the public. We just finished watching Joes new (still unreleased) YouTube video and listening to his new song "Water to Wine". We just want to tell you it's a breathe of fresh air in so many ways. 1. It's authentic, 2. It's uplifting, 3. It's very well assembled musically. These three characteristics are rare in todays music, and we just love the song completely from top to bottom. Top notch A+++

Singer-Songwriter Joe Wilkinson tries to turn 'Water to Wine' with his uplifting new single. Joe's previous releases were featured on a number of music blogs (Digital Tour Bus, Wolf in a Suit, Independent Clauses, and Mysticism Music), received airplay on BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 2, and BBC 6 Music. He was also commissioned by Netflix to perform a PR stunt for the promotion of their popular show 'Money Heist' outside the European Central bank in Frankfurt. During his time living in Berlin, he also supported Grammy award-winning artist, Lauren Daigle, at the Kesselhaus in Berlin. Joe returns from a pandemic-induced hiatus to release his acoustic-driven, feel-good pop track on the 8th of April 2022.

Joe Wilkinson encapsulates the modern musician of 2022. After playing hundreds of gigs across the South of England, Germany, and Spain and gaining valuable industry experience in a number of studios, Joe is now able to write, produce, release and promote his music independently. Whilst this has often resulted in having to subsist on a diet of beans on toast and coffee, Joe is now in the somewhat rare position to be able to unleash his acclaimed songwriting, unique guitar style, captivating melodies, and strong vocals, free of external influence. The result is real, relatable, and well crafted.

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Please go and support Joe today, and enjoy as we have, all of his amazing music. Also, keep an eye out for his April 8th release of "Water to Wine"

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