Love Itoya will have you "Reminiscing"

We get so much music to listen to here at Moan Barrow Productions, and so many of the songs are really great. Occasionally though, every once in while, we get something or someone that truly stands out. Something that is on a higher level both in quality and professionalism. Everything from their vocals to the mix down of the final product is just a bit more polished. Well this morning when we heard Love Itoya sing for the first time, we were literally captivated. She is definitely something special, and her sound is timeless. So before we get too far into this blog, please go watch her video of "Reminiscing" on YouTube here:

Love Itoya is a Greek Nigerian singer, songwriter, dancer, performer and vocal producer.

She was born on the 23rd of November 1996 in Greece, Thessaloniki by Nigerian parent's.

Her choreography and her powerful soulful voice capture the crowd whenever she steps on the stage.

Love Itoya has won “Best Diaspora Artist” at the Nollywood film festival awards in Germany in 2016.

She has worked with numerous local artists and has performed in various festivals and venues both Balkan & Europe.

She released at the starting of 2021 her first debut single "Pepper Dem", which is about empowering black women and women in general.

You can also listen to the entire album "Introduction" (pictured below) right here on Spotify:

This artist is ready to take the world by storm, and we are so happy that she stopped by our blog to share her story and her simply wonderful music. She is officially on our play list now, and in my opinion she should be on yours as well!

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