Man Deep just ripped the damn gloves off!

Man Deep has a new single “Sheep Dog” coming out on 20th of March 2022. Sheep Dog is a collaboration with Desi Rapper KID BOi, Sheep Dogs die protecting the sheep fighting the lions, they are the real brave ones and so the song is for everybody who holds strong values and is not affected by the cultural belief systems or social view points of others.

So we just finished (sneak peak) listening to this new unreleased track from Man Deep and KID boi, and then we cranked it up, played it again, and then one more time. "Man Deep ripped the damn gloves off on this song, and just took us on a lyrical ride through 3 rounds of intense, hard driving, knuckle bleeding Rap!"

Even if rap isn't your genre, you have got to respect the message from this superbly talented artist. My take on the song is it's about staying true to yourself, and working crazy hard to achieve your goals. I love this dude. He is passionate about his life, his dreams, his music, and he has a work ethic second to none. Nothing truly great comes easy, and that's my personal opinion. He's an inspiration to artists everywhere that want to learn what this industry takes to make waves and get noticed. Now let me get off my sound box and back to this new release.

Let me mention KID Boi. KID does more that carry his own weight on this song, he elevates it to another level. He ads a spice to the mix that is just right for this song to flourish! Man Deep has skillfully collaborated with other artists in the past, and once again he has come up with another recipe for success. You never know what this GURU of rap will be up to next, but we here at Moan Barrow Productions will be waiting and watching... Just Like "Sheep Dogs"

“Sheep Dog” coming out on 20th of March 2022.

Please go out and support this talented musical wizard. Keep an eye out for this release, it honestly is amazing.

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