"Man Deep" making a big statement, and coming to a town near you!

Before I get started, you need to go ad his new track "Psychiatrists" to your Spotify playlist. You can listen to it here:


So I just heard about this storm coming out of India named "Man Deep". If you like Linkin Park, you're going to really love his song "This is my world" found on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5WDLGyzjR5OfFqaPE5sVpn?si=e2e7c8d2c6b94b79

This was our personal favorite, but we love the Park. Man Deep utilizes hard driving bars and has that angry flavor mixed with dynamic dark piano that delivers clarity and awareness. I love the direction he is heading and I miss this style of music. It definitely carries some "Styles of Beyond" and "Jo Hahn" to it.

Man Deep is an Indian Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer and Sound Engineer with heartfelt lyrics, passionate vocals, and an honest, aggressive delivery often compared to Eminem, Mike Shinoda and Vinnie Paz. He writes his music from a very honest and personal perspective, crafting motivational stories and developed hard beats while bringing the excitement of his music to life on stage playing his Piano and MPC.

He has found inspiration in Linkin Park, Fort Minor, D.J Hoppa, Classified, Snack The Ripper, Fliptrix. Man Deep has been featured in Underground Hip Hop Blog, Beat Magazine Australia, Ice Cream Sundays, Bulletproof Radio. His debut single “Plain Man” highlights his roots and background growing up in Indian community.

Man Deep has a new single “Psychiatrist” coming out on 24th of January 2022. Difficult it is to sustain as an artist and this song is about how the artist loses his mental balance in order to pursue his art and achieve greatness.

Check out his new release "Psychiatrist" on YouTube ASAP!


Or better yet, check out his new release on Spotify here:


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