Megan Strange "the total package"

We just finished listening to Megan's song "Lullalie", and I couldn't help hearing remnants of early Blondie, in particular off their self titled debut album from 1976, the song "Look Good in Blue". Megan, much like Debbie Harry (lead singer of Blondie) has great control over her voice and surprising projection at points. She has a lovely tone and wonderful control when she wants it. If you like pop music then we think you should ad Megan Strange to your playlist. You can find her music on Spotify here:

Megan Strange is a singer/songwriter from the UK. Singing and writing music since she was 14-years-old, Megan finds music a cathartic way of expressing herself. Although many of her songs are up tempo pop, Megan's songs are rather dark in terms of their lyrics. Whether it be good, bad or sad, Megan's music expresses some form of emotion and tells a story.

Megan first released her EP at the end of 2018, which included a ballad of unrequited love: 'If Only'; a dance/pop number, 'Hypocrisy'; a pensive and dreamy pop song 'Lullalie,' as well as the feisty and sarcastic, 'The Other Woman' of the rock/pop genre. Since releasing her EP, Megan has gone on to release 'Fade Completely' and 'What You Wanted', both pop numbers that deal with feelings of depression and inadequacy. In addition to that, Megan has released an upbeat and joyful Christmas song: 'First Christmas', about celebrating the festive period with her newborn son.

Megan's upcoming single "Sweet Maybe" (coming out on February 11th) is fun and upbeat, questioning whether infatuation can ever evolve into more. This song is lighthearted, but also cynical, believing that sweetness can be both artificial and superficial.

Please go check Megan Strange out today!