"Melanie Cabral" A future musical prodigy!

So we all just listened to Melanie's new song "Searching" which comes out this Friday, You can pre-save it here: https://foundation-media.ffm.to/mcsearching It's a 3;24 heartwarming song showcasing amazing vocal control from an 18 year old future prodigy. Melanie just gave us a peak of what will surely be an amazing musical career. The song is ridiculously better than good. Her voice has amazing control and tone for such a young artist. When we finished listening to this beautiful ballad, it left all of us in the room wanting more. Please go listen to the future of music and support Melanie Cabral today!

Melanie Cabral is an 18-year-old Portuguese-Canadian singer/songwriter, and her pop-country tunes allow for catchy songs with emotion-filled lyrics. Melanie uses her music to express who she is and her experiences throughout her life.

She first began singing at 10-years-old when she started working with a vocal coach, from there Melanie went on to compete in many singing competitions developing her talents and stage presence. After competing in several competitions, Melanie wanted to start releasing her own music and share her stories to the world. At 15-years-old she got in the studio with Tal Vaisman and recorded and released her first ever single, "Broken Lights" in 2019. "Broken Lights" is a special and meaningful song, as Melanie sings about the feelings felt during the difficult times she faces in her life. She also released her upbeat, country, break-up song, "I'm Over You" later that same year. In 2021, Melanie released two singles, "Unspoken" and "Far Away From Home", both produced by Anthony Wright. "Unspoken" is about Melanie's grandfather's passing in early 2020, and how hard it was for her to deal with his death. "Far Away From Home" had a more light-hearted tone, as Melanie sung about going off to university, learning to find herself and following her dream.

Her latest single, "Searching" is a vulnerable song that was therapeutic for Melanie to write. "Searching" is about overthinking in a relationship and thinking about how they can break your heart, despite them being always by your side. Melanie, going into her current relationship, had many thoughts filling her head, she didn't know what would happen, would he leave her? Writing this song, Melanie was able to pour all of her thoughts and emotions onto paper, and her and Anthony Wright, both made her emotions come to life in "Searching".

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