Nora Sanger, just put an extra spring in our step!

How cool is this! We just got to listen to a sneak peak of Nora's new release coming out on February 11th called "We'll make it". It's a pleasantly uplifting arrangement that is really high quality. I can picture this song on the soundtrack of "There's something about Mary" or any uplifting Rom Com. Its mixed well, her vocals have a fabulous tone and the song is super charismatic. You can pre-save her new release on on multiple streaming platforms right here: So if your looking for a fun upbeat song, go grab this one today!

Nora wanted to become a singer ever since she first listened to Whitney Houston’s debut album. It was the 80’s. A lot of young girls wanted to step in Whitney’s shoes. Nora just never changed her mind. She started creating her own melodies and little songs at age seven and went on to write pop songs at twenty. She then set out to Hamburg, one of Germany’s metropoles with a vibrant and lively music scene. She studied pop music & vocal performance as well as songwriting, and received training in camera acting and filmmaking. And, the best part, she found a producer who was thrilled with her outstanding talent for songwriting and helped her put first arrangements together. Thus, a quest of finding her own musical identity ensued. Nora’s various collaborators always agreed on the fact that her songwriting abilities have got all it takes. However, as a trained singer and musician, it was natural for her to offer a broad variety of styles and not reduce herself to a single musical genre on all her songs. In her early days she therefore offered a repertoire that spanned from standard pop to R&B oriented tunes, mixed with a few acoustic piano ballads and a couple of rock inspired tracks. Add to that the fact that she was writing English lyrics as a German native and you’re off to a rocky start in the eyes of German music industry executives. Remember, it was before the days of TuneCore or RecordJet, Spotify and self-promotion on social media. If you wanted to make it big, you still had to play by the industry’s rules.

However, Nora, who is also a renowned vocal coach in her area, needed to be genuine. She could never have brought herself to sing German Popschlager. It might be Germany’s commercially most successful genre, yet Nora had never had a connection to these typically German styles. Even though she is a native, musically she always tended to feel like a foreigner. "My musical influences, the artists and albums that inspire me, that I look up to - they’re entirely from English speaking countries, mostly the US.“ explains the singer, who is to this day an admirer of Whitney Houston’s, but who also connected strongly with the work of Carole King or Elton John as well as with Christina Aguilera’s Stripped album in her formative years.

With her next release We’ll Make It (due Feb 11th, 2022) Nora looks towards country music again. "I am thrilled with the way Black Velvet and Waiting In The Dark turned out. I just miss pedal steels and all that.“ she says with a wink. We'll Make It kicks off a trilogy of singles that talk about Nora's experiences as a wife and parent. Being courageous and making a commitment, embracing that it's not going to feel like happy ever after every day but that it's still pretty damn good is the message of We'll Make It. Its two successors, due out in the spring, will tackle the themes of bringing up children as well as feminism. With her five single releases since late 2020, Nora managed to figure out the social media game for herself and is now offering content on a regular basis, especially on Instagram which turned out to be her favorite platform. "In the end I’m a story teller. I do it with music or with a video - and now I try to take that approach with social media content, too.“

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