Oh Yea, It's definitely summertime now!

Got your flipflops, umbrella, and cooler? Great, now all you need is this cool little summer vibe song from Volker Keller. The chorus will get stuck in your head guaranteed, and you might find yourself taking a detour straight to the beach. Heck just call in and play hooky for the day, you deserve it right?

Make sure to check out "Summertime" and the rest of Volker Keller's music right here:


Volker Keller is an independent Singer-Songwriter from Stuttgart, Germany. He is playing piano, guitar and ukulele and he is singing in several choirs in the South of Germany.

Volker has started to write songs in German and English already when he was still a student. Writing music and singing is his great passion and he ever wanted to work as a musician. However, he then choose a different way and worked for many years in Marketing departments of different Healthcare companies.

2021 Volker took a break from work and started to produce in his own studio many of the songs that he already has written in the eighties. And with his new songs „Second Way“ and „easy going“ he published his first self-produced songs and videos on YouTube, Spotify and many more streaming platforms.

Volker developed his new WEB presence www.vkmusic.de, where all of his published songs and videos and many more info can be found.

And in May 2021 Volker also started his Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts and connected with many musicians from all parts of the world.

Later in 2021, Volker has published, together with his wife Daniela and supported by their 2 children, their first children's book „Filly, die kleine Ameise“ in German language. It is a story with many lovely drawn pictures about Filly, an ant – a story about friendship and helpfulness. Volker has written 5 songs in German for this book and with QR-Codes included in the book and a Smartphone you can listen to the songs and sing along. The book is available on Amazon and many more book stores.

Volkers latest song "summertime“ was inspired by a holiday trip to Florida with his family earlier in the year. The intention of this uplifting summer song is to bring good vibes to the audience – a goal, that Volker is following with almost all of his songs. In the meantime, he has already published more than 30 songs on the streaming platforms.

"music can unite people“ – this is his experience from the past year and he enjoys to interact with many fantastic independent Singer-Songwriter and his followers around the globe. We here at Moan Barrow Productions hope you will go out and support this super talented artist today!








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