Old Nick is 3 piece ROCK back from the grave!

I get like a giddy school kid whenever I get to hear a new Rock Band I've never listened to before. It's like Christmas every time and this present was worth the wait. These guys definitely rock, so if that's your thing, you need to listen to Zampa, Dave, and Maniax: because these dudes are leaving no stone unturned with their classic Hard Rock Sound! We've been listening to there first single "Another Chance" that you can listen to on YouTube right here: https://youtu.be/eki8xB8lBos

Old Nick Is a Hard & Heavy Power trio Born in Genoa in 2019 from an idea of Zampa (Lead Vocals/Guitars), Dave (Drums/Backing Vocals) and Paolo (Bass). They want to have fun creating and playing unreleased songs and mixing their influences: Hard Rock, Stoner, Grunge and Post Grunge often showing a heavier side!

At the beginning of 2020 they are ready to record some tracks but the loss of Paolo, due to cancer and the pandemic stop the path of the band. Between 2020 and 2021 Old Nick publish some demo tracks (Another Chance, A Man and his Mistakes, Traveler) on YouTube with Colin Ant at the Bass. During the year 2021 the band changes line-up, Zampa becomes the band's Bass player and they call Maniax as guitarist.

With this line-up and the cooperation with Nadir Music, Old Nick finally start to record their First album! Album that also makes Paolo's wishes come true!

The title Is: "Take a look at the Sky".

Do yourself a favor and check these rockers out on YouTube today and stay tuned for more to come! https://youtu.be/eki8xB8lBos

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