"Rawfoil" Old School Thrash Metal!

After listening to Rawfoil, we definitely hear the flavor of Iron Maiden. Amazing power vocals, drums and bass that pave the way for screaming guitar! If you love metal, you need to listen to this fabulous song called "Prowler" today here: https://open.spotify.com/track/1ATsXjTF0RaqngXLDBXFRV?si=352819b5d8a64063

Rawfoil was born in 2009 in Monza, with the aim of playing a Thrash Metal dedicated to the old school, starting with covers of: Metallica, Megadeth and Exodus.

The live activity is intense over the years, treading various stages in Northern Italy, and sharing the stage with bands of the caliber of: Necrodeath, Warbringer, Heathen, Cephalic Carnage, Metal Church, Nervosa.

In 2018, after several line-up changes and some demos, they debuted with the first album: 'Evolution In Action', under Punishment 18 Records.

The album was very positively received by both critics and the public, obtaining positive reviews both in Italy and abroad.

After a year from the debut, they recorded an EP, 'Tales From The Four Towers', published in 2020 by Buil2kill/Nadir, determining a particular style, which allows the band to be known internationally in the underground scene.

During the famous Covid Period, and after a line-up change, they decide to try their hand at a tribute to a band they love, Iron Maiden, recording a personalized cover of Prowler from the album Iron Maiden.

The band is currently working on tracks for the new album.

Check them out on Spotify and YouTube today!



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