"Reapter" is ready to Rock your World!

Reapter is a thrash-prog metal band founded in Rome in 2005 by Max Pellicciotta Emiliano Niro and Claudio Arduini. It was decided to adopt the monicker Reapter, derived from the merge of two english terms: Reaper (as Death) and Richter (the seismic scale).

At Moan Barrow Productions, we love their hard driving thrash song "Subliminal" found on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/0fRUZBWjQlB1PmRnR5j1Em?si=f1f185cfa8f44066 This song is really amazing with all the drive needed to keep your heart racing till the last possible note. They absolutely killed it!

Jury Pergolini (bass) joined the band a year after they had originally formed, and with his arrival the band could start to write the first songs that will be on the first EP called “First One” 2008 - 2009:

Reapter played in a contest called Emergenza Festival. It allowed the band to make experience on stage and to play in important local venues in Italy, like Alcatraz (Milan). Max and Jury won the best guitar and bass player prizes at the end of the festival.

Here is a little history on the band:

2011 - The band played in London as support of the english band Fury UK. 2012 - Reapter played in Total Metal Festival in Toritto (Italy) sharing the stage with Testament, Dark Funeral and Sadist. 2013 - The first album is called M.I.N.D. released via Buil2kill Records and distributed worldwide.

The guys toured to promote it in eastern Europe as support of the Finnish band Scarecrow. When touring Reapter started to write down some new riffs, more articulated with odd time signatures and a whole complex approach to the songs. 2015 - Daniele Bulzoni joins Reapter as rhythm-lead guitarist. 2016 - The second album is released via Revalve Records called Cymatics and is a 10 songs composed album. As for the first album, it was distributed worldwide on the most important digital platforms and physical formats.

2017 - The band toured in western Europe to promote the album with the brazilian female thrash-metal band Nervosa for 12 gigs. 2018 - Reapter played at Goathell Metal Festival in Pula (Croatia) sharing the stage with Sinister and Jinjer. 2019 - Reapter is about to release the third album and is working to release a three songs EP. The band always offer a very solid show, with a granitic sound and audience involvement.

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