"Septem" is better than Unbelievable Metal!

First things first, we here at Moan Barrow Productions decided that we really love their song "The North Star" which you can check out on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5ig7S3dCiw1UCIPUcWmQBY?si=8de0ce87e44a48f4 Be sure to check this tune out today. It's a keeper for your playlist.

The vocals are impeccable, and every instrument being played is top tier!

Septem were born in 2003 in La Spezia. After a few years of adjustment and some line-up changes they begin to get serious and in 2011 they come out with the first self-produced promo, 4 songs recorded at the Nadir Music Studios in Genoa.

The promo sells about 800 copies and pushes the quintet to go to the studio to record the first album that will see the light in March 2013. The album of the same name comes out for Nadir and reaches 2000 copies sold. The farewell of the historic drummer Graziano Mariotti, however, creates some problems for the band which fortunately manages in a short time to replace him with Matteo Gigli. With him at the skins the rehearsal sessions begin for the new songs that will make up the highly anticipated second album "Living Storm" which will be released on October 21st 2016.

“Living Storm” receives excellent responses both as a work in the studio, both as a live impact, and as sales. The various music magazines consider it more mature and the reviews are all from 7 upwards. The dates in Albania and Greece broaden the audience of consensus and the band to return to Tirana for a second and successful date. But after several lives in support of the new album, Francesco, present in the band since the beginning, also decides to abandon the cause and is replaced in 2017 by Luca Riggio. His hand, very similar to that of Francesco both in the compositional phase and in the executive phase, immediately helps the band in the drafting of new pieces.

Septem have many live shows behind them, among which those supporting Voivod, Sabotage, Sadist, Pino Scotto, Tank and many others stand out.

The sound of Septem fishes in the sounds of NWOBHM trying to create the right blend between old and new thanks above all to the two voices of Daniele Armanini and Luca Riggio The tight rhythms of Andrea Albericci and Matteo Gigli give the Septem a unique and overwhelming sound.

These guys are phenomenal! The current band members are:

Daniele Armanini - vocals

Andrea Albericci - bass

Enrico Montaperto - guitar

Luca Riggio - guitar

Matteo Gigli - drums

Check out the new album "Pseudonica" and the rest of their music on Spotify right here:


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