September Grand Finale "Abi Mia"

Updated: Sep 29

So this is our last post for September, and we have had some really great artists this month. October is going to be great as well. However, we wanted end this month on a high note literally. Moan Barrow Productions is really looking forward to introducing everyone to Abi Mia. She is simply an amazing young musician and maybe even better vocalist.

So if you want to get a sneak peak of just how talented this young lady is, please go listen to this on YouTube right now.

Inspired Abi Mia’s own life experiences,

the single explores what happens when

selfless people give too much of

themselves and lose their true self.

“It’s important to help others, but you also need to take care of yourself. You’re no

use to anyone burnt out! I wrote this song as a reminder for us to take time to

rediscover who we are as individuals, and not just who we are to other people.

Looking after yourself isn’t selfish - it’s self-care.” — ABI MIA

Recorded by Abi Mia at her home studio, mixed/mastered by producer Ashea, and

produced by Noah Lloyd (The Online Recording Studios), the song’s build and emotional

depth reinforces the importance of taking care of number one. Equal parts reassuring and

optimistic, ‘Shadow’ is a reminder - especially in recent times - to practice self-care.

Diverting from the bright soulful pop

production of her last release, ‘Good

Intentions’, ‘Shadow’ brings a balladic

orchestral soundscape to the table, with

Abi Mia’s epic powerhouse vocals soaring

poignantly over elegant piano


With deep emotion, atmosphere and

evocative harmonies that build throughout

the song, the lyrics of ‘Shadow’

emphasize the importance of setting

boundaries and putting yourself first,

before you burn out and become a shadow

of your former self.

London based singer-songwriter Abi Mia brings her uplifting, empowering pop

sound to modern music. With soaring vocals and powerhouse storytelling, her

soulful voice goes beyond expression: deeply emotional and unapologetically

hopeful, Abi Mia brings her most authentic self to her music.

Broadly pop-focused, blended with balladic and theatrical elements, Abi Mia’s

debut single ‘Fly Your Way’ spreads a message of having the courage to chase

your dreams, own your strengths, and carve your own path. The single was

inspired by the singer’s own personal journey of rediscovering her passion for

music: when the lockdown paused her fitness career, Abi Mia realized that making

music was her true priority, which gave her courage to follow her heart.

Artistically influenced by contemporary powerhouse vocalists like Demi Lovato,

Christina Aguilera, Sara Bareilles and Alicia Keys, Abi Mia finds inspiration in the

joy of creation, and in her ability to freely express who she is as an artist and a

person through her music. “Music is such a powerful positive force in the world,”

says the rising pop singer-songwriter. “Singing and songwriting give me intense

happiness, and it’s a beautiful way to connect with people.”

Since releasing her debut single, Abi Mia has had multiple successful releases and

live gigs across London, garnering glowing reviews in national press and receiving

international radio coverage. Now, with a slate of exciting new singles coming up,

the sky is the limit for Abi Mia.

How to find her:

IG - Abi Mia (@abi__mia) • Instagram photos and videos

Spotify -

Twitter - Twitter

FB - Abi Mia - Singer/Songwriter (

YouTube - Abi Mia - YouTube

Check her out today!


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