Stephanie Heitz and Macanto, just in time for Spring!

We are super excited to share this incredible collaboration between Stephanie Heitz and Macanto called "More Than Enough". This is the first Jazz Pop tune to grace the blog, and we couldn't be more delighted to share their story. So many songs get sent to us at Moan Barrow Productions and we are starting to get a little more picky lol. We're looking for 3 specific things on new entries. First, the song needs to have something unique about it that makes it stand alone and separates it from the pack. Second, the song needs great production value, meaning it's mixed well and the finished product doesn't feel thrown together. Thirdly, we want to think our readers and listeners will enjoy it as much as we do. "More Than Enough" meets the criteria and may have just raised the bar for everyone else! It's really "dang" (can't say damn) good! Better yet, it's just in time for a long awaited spring that we all so desperately need this year. The lyrics are upbeat, the melody had our toes tapping, and it seems to have cast some kind of magical spell on our legs that summons them to swing dance! So take a moment and go check out this amazingly clever video on YouTube today:

We're also adding this video to our "Indie Artist Premier" YouTube playlist which you can find here:

Inspired by her jazz musician grandmother, Stephanie Heitz has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember. Some of her earliest memories involve sitting next to her “Mimi” on the piano bench harmonizing to the classics. Stephanie grew up singing in the church. This might explain why there are strong gospel undertones in the music she creates. While she dabbles on the keyboard and loves writing groovy, feel-good tunes on the ukulele, Stephanie considers herself to be much more of a singer/songwriter than an instrumentalist.

Stephanie’s songwriting journey came to fruition in 2019 with the release of her debut EP, Dark\to Light. She has stayed very prolific with her musical endeavors and has gone on to release 20 more singles, including an EP, Covered By the Shadow at the end of 2021. Her latest release, More Than Enough is a collaboration with European indie band, Macanto. This band is made up of international musicians, Alex on piano, Tom residing over bass, and Georgi on guitar, and is known for a mix of Funk, Jazz, and Pop with hints of Latin. Stephanie was immediately drawn to their diversified sound and didn't hesitate to say yes when band leader, Alex Hafezi reached out with an invitation to collaborate. Both Stephanie and Alex consider themselves to be free spirits and love the creative process as well as experimenting with new sounds. Stephanie composed More Than Enough two years ago as a simple, stripped down song on the keyboard with a strong theme addressing self-worth. However, after joining forces with Macanto, this single quickly became a high energy dance track with elements of acid jazz and house music. This group of musicians is thrilled with the end result and have been pleased with the positive feedback they’re receiving from their March 25th debut release together.

Both Stephanie Heitz and Macanto are all about creating music with a positive message that will uplift their listeners. This may be why these musicians have been able to work so effortlessly together, even though they are separated by over 4,400 miles. Stephanie resides in the Midwest US and Macato is rooted in Germany. Creating and collaborating remotely isn't as difficult as it may seem with the use of today's technology. Get ready for more funk because this group of creatives has several more projects in the making for 2022 that they’re excited to share, so stay tuned!

You can find everything about Stephanie Heitz and Macanto right here via all their social media links, so please go out and support these amazing talents today!

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