"The" Dan Gootner Band... Hard to define, Awesome to Listen to!

I Started listening to "Miracles Can Happen" and I thought I left my Player on the Jeff Healy Band or maybe Henry Lee Summer with a salt shaker of Jimmy Buffett (three of my favorite jam bands). So that being said, I just added The Dan Gootner Band to my play list. These guys are simply fantastic. When Lisa and I take our next vacation, this is going to be our music if we end up sitting under a beach canopy and having a cold drink watching the ocean waves. Moan Barrow Productions is very excited to share the story of this amazing group. Give them a listen. I think they are very talented, and you will too.

Check out Miracles Can Happen (My personal favorite) on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/N3WVMxVlv4k

The Dan Gootner Band is the latest project from South Florida's own Daniel Gootner. Beyond featuring Elie Ganz on vocals, it involves an ever rotating lineup of the best musicians in the area, with different guests from song to song for whatever is called for. After 18 years of playing professionally in various bands, this is the next evolution.

The Band's self titled debut EP was released February of 2020, with the lead track Doom and Gloom representing much of Daniel's early blues influences as a guitar player. The group has consistently released material since then, with some twists and turns along the way, stylistically speaking. Following the first EP, came the single "Spire", an instrumental piece reminiscent of Eastern soundscapes, with it's Sitar and Tabla style percussion. On the origins of the song, Daniel said "This track is one of the positives I got out of the pandemic, honestly. I had picked up a vintage Gibson J-45 from a local shop, to be my quarantine buddy, and Spire was the first thing I played when I brought it home. It just came right out of the guitar. I thought, well nothing else is going on in the world right now, I might as well put this one down in the studio!"

Next came the single Crash Landing, and most recently the "Leave it In The Past" EP. Their new EP shows some variety with the title track, the funk rock of Miracles Can Happen, and with the sound of "Please Don't Go" you're suddenly listening to a seasoned bluegrass outfit. This EP closes with "The World We're Living in" as the band shows you they are not afraid to address current issues in society.

The band already has a ton of new material in the works right now, with inspirations ranging from 60's pop to Alt-Country, and everything in between.

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