Tommy Talamanca, just blew our mind!

Just out this past 21st of January “ATOPIA” the new album from the SADIST guitar/keyboard player TOMMY TALAMANCA together with singer/vocal coach GLORIA ROSSI is something to behold! Here at Moan Barrow Productions, we just listened to one of the tracks on the album called "Darkling Glades". I certainly was pleasantly surprised by how great this song was. First let me talk about Tommy. Tommy's amazing guitar playing in my humble opinion had traces of Steve Vai and John Petrucci from Dream Theater, (one of our favorite bands of all time). Also, the keyboards Tommy wove into the track really fit well and added to the soundtrack of what became a story told by music.

This song to put it simply, is FANTASTIC!

Check out "Darkling Glades" on Spotify Here:

Now I have to talk about this stellar vocalist a little bit as well. Gloria Rossi was the perfect compliment for this saga, and she added a flavor to the track that took it to an entirely other level. Her hauntingly powerful vocals told the tale of the track. Together, Tommy and Gloria have an amazing potential and future.

"Atopia", released at Nadir Music Studios in Genoa, contains 11 tracks, including the prog metal single "Darlking Glades" and 2 Sadist covers, re-arranged, "Fog" and "Holy". 11 tracks with, at times, dark atmospheres, but always full of energy and adrenaline. Written, produced and played entirely by Tommy Talamanca, the album is enriched by the intense voice of Gloria Rossi, who leaves her mark between hard guitar riffs and solos, adding new nuances to an album already full of suggestions and references.

A work suspended in time and, as suggested by the title, in space, which crosses different sound territories between contaminations ranging from hard rock to progressive, passing through new age and world music.

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