"Vicky Rai" literally the next big thing!

As we often do at Moan Barrow Productions, we search the web for talented artists that have "it". We don't truly know what "it" is exactly, we just know when someone has it. When we ran across the video of Vicky Rai's pop single "Every Single Night" we were absolutely blown away! First of all it's a great video that's super entertaining and guess what... This girl can actually sing! Now, I am a rocker by nature, but I appreciate talent no matter what genre it's in, and this is talent at it's finest. Trust me go watch this super fantastic video and be the judge yourself! https://youtu.be/x6ffocT-HYc

Radar Love Records is proud to announce that singer-songwriter Vicky Rai - a shining new star, fifteen year old vocal sensation from Toronto, Canada - is finally ready to step up and become Canada’s performer sweetheart. Having been singing live at a number of Portuguese music events since the age of 9 - and then spending some time honing her vocals with some girl groups along the way, she met Producer Michael Hanson (Glass Tiger, 5 Junos, Grammy Nom) and the musical sparks flew.

"She had the vocal acrobatics of Aguilera when she was only 11" Hanson states. "Tiny frame, huge voice. She drop-dead knocked me out when I heard those kind of wild moves for that age". Both decided pop & dance pop would be the way to go, and a number of tracks led to the 2020 Debut single "Every Single Night", with much more to come in 2021 and onward!

We are at Moan Barrow Productions are definitely going to keep our eye on this rising star, and we hope she visits us again in the future to share any new projects she's created. Please go support this incredibly talented young artist today. Find out more about her here: