"Wild and Wasted" Are Serious Metal

Man are we excited to share the story of this phenomenal Metal Band "Wild and Wasted" There is so much talent coming out of Italy right now it's like a tidal wave, and these guys are riding that wave and quite possibly on the brink of metal stardom. Crunchy rhythm guitar, driving bass and drums, with just the right amount of lead guitar. Vocals are on point and in tune. Fantastic work gentleman!

Wild n' Wasted were born in 2017 in Italy (Rome). The band was formed by Marco Mancinelli (Lixx) and Yari Pierucci (Yari). At the beginning the band was formed of Lixx on guitar, Yari on bass, Valerio on drums and Emanuele on vocals. In 2018 Valerio left the band to move to Milan. In September 2018 the band opens a concert for Thomas Silver (ex Hardcore Superstars).

Before we get to far into this story, be sure to check out Wild and Wasted new video called Devil Girl here: https://youtu.be/Gb5oMl8oygM It's our favorite at Moan Barrow Productions!

In October 2018 Davide Luliani on rhythm guitar and Luca Mechelli on drums joined the band on a permanent basis. November 2019 , Italian-Brazilian singer, born in Recife, Thiago De Moraes joins the band, replacing Emanuele Razzauti. January 2021 , the band launched an acoustic ballad entitled "Ayrton"on the main digital platforms in homage to the driver Ayrton Senna. The song is available in 2 versions (Portuguese and English). September 2021 the band launched the first videoclip "Devil girl" with the collaboration of Eleonora Travagliati . October 2021, Lixx leaves the band for some musical divergences and Renato Ren joins the band.

Check out all of there links here: Linktree: https://linktr.ee/wildnwastedband

The band is finalizing the publication of their first EP, which will be called "Wasted night". Mixing and mastering by Luca Viperini (Conqueror, Anwynn, Bethel). Wild n' Wasted are ready to play live on stages in Italy and across the world to do headbanging with the new and old fans . STAY METAL, STAY WILD !

Wild n' Wasted:

Thiago De Moraes: lead vocals Ren: guitar Davide Luliani : guitar Yari : bass

Luca Mechelli : drums

Go check these guys out today!