"Yung Pey" is gravitating towards greatness!

Yung Pey's music it literally on fire right now! At Moan Barrow Productions we always keep an eye on any new releases he puts out. It's always good product. Yung is 22 and from Springfield Illinois. He creates so many varieties and styles of music, but he’s more passionate with the new age emo rap/hip hop. Yung mainly records at his home studio and has engineered all of his own music. Yung, often assists with engineering audio and music productions to many other global artists, as he owns and operates a company that deals with audio production, which is yet another passion of his.

Yung Pey started making music about 2 years ago. He began getting more involved with music because of Juice Wrld. Juice Wrld inspired Yung Pey so much as an artist and he really enjoys his craft but also relates to his music. This music style just stuck with Yung Pey, he wanted to get into music because it was his escape. It was something that helped him deal with the real world and his problems. Yung Pey makes his music as real as possible, not a lot of people express the real issues a person can deal with or go through. Most of his music deals with heartbreak, depression, mental issues, etc.

Yung Pey has 3 songs out on all platforms and 13 songs on soundcloud. He plans on moving away from soundcloud and more towards all streaming platforms. Yung Pey also has 300+ unreleased songs and plans on releasing a single then an album called “The Unseen”.

Yung Pey works extremely hard on his craft and strives for perfection. Yung Pey’s goal is to share his craft with others and hopes to inspire as many people he can. He’s very excited and ready to release much more music this year. Here at Moan Barrow Productions we have listened to a ton of Yung Pey's music and it is very very good. This guy is definitely a rising star, so make sure that you go listen to his craft ASAP. Check out out his links here:


https://soundcloud.com/peyton-west-1 https://music.apple.com/us/artist/yung-pey/1469595851





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