3 Day Ad Campaign

Our team will construct a captivating social media ad campaign for whatever you wish to promote. Typical uses might be to promote a new song release, a band, an upcoming album, a product, or simply yourself. These campaigns will be promoted via our Facebook and Instagram ads.  The ad will be run for 3 days in the U.S. and the U.K.   This ad can be used to direct people to a Spotify, Website, or Youtube link to generate more traffic to your URL.


For this promotion Moan Barrow Productions LLC will be the creative team, but we want you to send us 3 things if they apply: 1 photo of the product, 1 photo of your logo, 1 link to the product.


Please send these items to: moanbarrowproductions@gmail.com


15 seconds really is the right amount of time to capture your audience and direct them to your product without loosing their attention. Revisions of the ad would only be allowed if there is a mis spelling. Themes and styles of the video are at our descretion and will not be considered as reasons for a revision.


You may re-post or share the video on your own social media platforms however, please note: You are purchasing a campaign, not a video.  The video is not licensed for T.V. and can not be downloaded, altered in any way, or re sold.  The video is property of Moan Barrow Productions LLC.

3 Day Ad Campaign

SKU: 3DAY002
    • Customer must email us the following information after purchasing the 3 Day Ad Campaign:

      Email info to moanbarrowproductions@gmail.com

    • URL Links to the item or items you want promoted. 
    • If you want to use your own music in the ad, please send us a mp3 file of the music so we can use a clip of it as background music in the campaign ad.
    • A specific photo you want to be used in the ad.