20 Minute Video Zoom Interview

Warning: Do not purchase this product until you have scheduled it with Moan Barrow Productions in advance. NOTE:  We only speak English so unfortuantely if you do not, the interview will not benefit you and we encourage you to not make this purchase.


Please contact us at: moanbarrowproductions@gmail.com for questions or scheduling.


This will be a 20 minute zoom video interview that is recorded live.  After the interview is completed, it will be saved, editied, have intro bumper music added to it and then posted on our Moan Barrow Productions Facebook and our YouTube Page for people to go watch and more importantly for you to share on all of you social media sites as well.


Prior to the interview, Moan Barrow Productions will send you a Zoom Link for you to join the interview on the pre determined date,  We will also send you a list of 12 possible questions that we might ask so you can be somewhat ready to answer them.


Be prepared for your interview, have things like websites, upcoming events, new releases and things of that nature ready to talk about, and when you share this info, please do it clearly. Most importantly have fun and be yourself! 


But remember do not purchase this product until we scehdule a time for you.  If by any chance you or Moan Barrow Productions miss the predetermined Zoom meeting due to an emergency, we will simply reschedule with you.


20 Minute Video Zoom Interview

  • Participants must have a computer or smart phone with:

    • Zoom installed
    • An E:mail that we cand send the link to join to
    • A working clear microphone
    • A working clear camera
    • No profanity is permitted during the interview
    • Your video is live during recording and could be used in future promotions of Moan Barrow Productions, but is also yours to share as well on your social media sites.