Social Media Video Booster

Let us create a captivating 40 second video themed after your new music release. Then, we will post the video on our moanbarrowproductions TikTok and Instagram pages.  We will boost the TikTok post to at least 3000 views and the Instagram post to at least 300 views increasing your social media footprint and bringing more attention to your new song.


NOTE: This promotion does not promise any plays or views of your new song, it's designed as an additional way to bring more attention via social media to your new music release.  The ad can contain phrases such as "On Spotify Now" or "On YouTube Now" and will have a clickable link to either your YouTube URL or your Spotify URL while the ad is running.  The video will also stay posted for weeks after the clickable link disappears, to give you some additional exposure.


We will be the creative team behind the video and our design is final, however, we are open to your ideas and concepts for the promo.  We can not send you a copy of the video to use yourself, and the video could come down from our sites after 60 days.

Social Media Video Booster

  • 1.  Please send us an MP3 of your music, and give us permission to use it in your video.

    2. Share your ideas or concepts of how you envision your video and we will try and incorporate some of those ideas.

    3.  Any misspellings in your video will be corrected at no charge.

    4.  Send any and all information to