Spotify True Promotion (Mini) 4-5K Plays

Our Spotify True Promotion Mini is guaranteed to get you in the range of 4-5K  genuine plays from listeners who have already heard a sample of your music.  We don’t offer an exact amount, just a range.  Some songs do better than others, and that is simply the truth.  Anyone who does offer an exact amount is selling you bots.

We will design a custom video clip typically around 30 seconds long that contains a clip of your music. NOTE: You may be asked to give us permission to use your music in the clip. We can also integrate your photo, your cover art, and even small clips from your video as well if you prefer.  Moan Barrow Productions will be the creative designer and we can not give you the clip to promote yourself. Our clips are designed to draw people directly to your new release Spotify URL.

Our designs are final, but we are always open to a concept if you have some ideas in mind you would like for us to incorporate (Just let us know at the time of order).  Any misspellings will be corrected at no charge to you.

We will use a variety of formats to promote your song, but we typically always use TikTok and Instagram to start with.  We will monitor your promotion and give you updates till it reaches its target goal.  We truly care about your promotion and will always try to exceed your expectations.

Spotify True Promotion (Mini) 4-5K Plays

    1. Please send us the URL to the SPOTIFY song you wish us to promote.
    2. IMPORTANT: Please do not run other promotions while our promotion is going. Our promotion takes 6-10 days. We do not use bots, so it’s much slower. We will take a starting count and an ending count to make sure you get the maximum number of plays from this promotion. If you are running other promotions simultaneously, we cannot tell where the plays are coming from. Thank you.