"We loved the promotional video that Moan Barrow Productions made for Chaos Rising.  It was so professional and really captured the essence of what we are about. They are true supporters of the independent and underground artists".

Chaos Rising / International / All-Female Metal Band


"Moan Barrow Productions is very helpful and dedicated!  I enjoy it every single time I get to work with them"

Heather Armstrong / Vocalist / Multi Instrumentalist / Song Writer


"We could not be happier with the level of enthusiasm and professionalism Moan Barrow Productions has brought to our projects. I have a lot of friends in the business and I just have to say that if you are ever looking for a competent, creative, and driven composer... well, look no further. Again, can't say enough kind words or give enough accolades to this company."

Ash Hamilton / Producer / Holes in the Sky

"With a very proactive and responsive approach to digital marketing, Moan Barrow Productions are quick to spot new trends and opportunities, and as a new artist just breaking through, I really appreciate the care and attention they have shown to my work".

Catherine Fearns / Pianist / Composer

"We wanna thank Moan Barrow Productions for giving us the chance to be on "Listen up Blog" and for sharing our music and videos. It means a lot to us. Thanks for what you do for the bands and for underground music. Keep on rocking!"

Federica Tringali and the band "MadHouse" / Singer / Song Writer

"Your sound effects made all the difference in our production.  Thank you all so much"

R. Hassan / Producer / The Mirror

"Working with Brian and Lisa took our documentary to a whole other level we didn't know was possible"

Brett Blakely / Actor / Multiple Movies

"Our compilation song "Stories" turned out fantastic. Brian was super easy to work with".

X98 / Producer / Singer-Songwriter

"Moan Barrow has the magic touch. THANK YOU!!!"

Michele Anelli / Composer / Guitar and Vocalist

"Moan Barrow does so much for the indie artist community.

Their quality of work is a breath of fresh air in the music industry"

Man Deep / Rapper / Producer / Recording Artist

"Moan Barrow Productions gives so much time and attention to their work. They do an awesome job, and we will be back for our next release!"

Rich Allen / Composer / Guitar and Vocalist

"If you are an indie artist, then you absolutely must check out Moan Barrow Productions. Simply put, they are awesome!"

Kaylin Vela / Singer / Pop Star / Recording Artist

"Moan Barrow Productions has given us the best results by far than any other promotion company.  They are now part of our regular promotional team"

Vicky Rai / Singer / Pop Star / Recording Artist

"Your communication is fantastic, and I would highly recommend your services to anyone!"

Sylvia Lee / Singer / Songwriter / Recording Artist

"The collaboration song "How Does It Feel" that we did with Moan Barrow Productions could not have gone any smoother. What a great end result, and a great experience"

GUISE / Rock Band / Music Producers / Recording Artists

"The Spotify promotion that Moan Barrow Productions did for my song Kick it Up, was the best promotion I ever had. They are simply the best!"

Michelle Fabre / Music Producer / Recording Artists