Our music blog "Listen Up" is always 100% free.
However, we have literally thousands of people that visit our blog and actually read the postings.  If you desire, you can maximize your blog attention by sending in a short video you made
 via We Transfer, Drop Box or Gmail at: moanbarrowproductions@gmail.com that states something like "Listen Up Blog Rocks" or "Thank you Brian and Lisa" or "Moan Barrow Rocks" and by all means plug one of your upcoming projects in the video as well. (Keep it under 30 seconds).

We will post your video and share it on our Facebook page as well for some additional free "win win" promotion for you.

Here is a sample of the last thank you video we posted: 


You don't have to do any of these things to be on our free blog, but anytime someone promotes us, we always return the favor.   We truly love our artists and will always promote our blog members regardless if you ever purchase something or not.  We just think we have the most affordable promotional tools available for the most reasonable prices, so take advantage of our global fan base if you wish.  Thanks!