Want to collaborate with Moan Barrow?

Here is what you need to know:

1.  We will never ask you for any money period regarding the co authored song.
2.  We will only collaborate with the artist directly.  No agents, No producers etc.
3.  We will pay for and copyright the song under a co-authorship meaning that both the artists or artist we are working with has 100% the same rights to the finished product as we do.
4. Neither parties can ever change the co authored song without written permission from the other party.
5. Either party may post the co authored song on YouTube, Spotify, or any other streaming platform, but are responsible for sharing any profits made with the other parties on the copyright. 
6. Moan Barrow Productions LLC will pay for all of the promotion of the co authored single on our end 100%.  You do not have to promote the song unless you want to, and at that point it is at your own cost.
7.  Any time the co authored song is posted or mentioned in any article or blog it must be represented as both bands names  For example Band "A" featuring Band "B"
8.  Any marketing materials, videos, or photographs related to the co authored song must be approved by all parties on the copyright before they are shared or posted publicly.
9.  We typically only write the chorus and add background vocals with our music, we expect the artist or band to write and record the lyrics to the songs.  
10.  In short, we do the music, send it to you to upload into your DAW,  you then listen to the song, write the lyrics for the song, record your singing, send the vocal STEMS back to us so that we can mix everything together.  Once we all agree on the finished product, we will mix it down and promote the song as  "Your Band" featuring Moan Barrow.  So at the end of the day all you invest is your time an we basically pay for the rest on our end. 

Send any enquiries to