What we Do

Artist and Business Promotion


Moan Barrow Productions is an expert in global digital marketing campaigns for artists and businesses. We use a variety of tools to safely promote emerging artists and companies such as:

  • Blogs

  • Social media ad campaigns 

  • On-line and printed music magazines 

  • Live interviews

  • 3D animated text


We offer standard promotional packages and customized plans that are specific to your needs and budget.  We are the one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing.

We can optimize your Facebook ad strategy by targeting look alike audiences that are geographic, diversified, and comprehensive. 

Movie Scoring


​At Moan Barrow Productions we create 100% royalty-free music for movies and documentaries that support your project's unique dialog.

In the past, music creation could be as simple as grabbing a guitar and an SM58 microphone, then pressing record on your favorite 4 track. However, at Moan Barrow Productions we utilize a mixture of real instruments and the most modern Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s), to provide the best possible soundtracks for your film or documentary.​

We are a professional sound scoring company that is an active member of the ASCAP.  This means we turn in CUE sheets with every movie we score to ensure that any and all artists receive the royalties they have coming, and more importantly there are no costly legal delays in your movie production process.